Who Are We

"None remembers the countless black suns dimmed, snuffed at their zenith as human toiled.
Towers, cities, idols, pharaohs, kings and cultures, unspoken aeons, all shall fall."

...But beer had remained, a mystic and a magic of ages passed, brought our race across the lands and oceans, with us in our survival, our stories, our triumphs and our festivals. Until discoveries of far distances, we looked inward to all things, and found the occultism of yeast, of hops, of malt, harnessed their power, and a multitude of craft arise.

All of us, the labourers, the brewers, the tasters, we are the keepers of this art.

Beer will remain as long as human last.


The Brewery

Stowed away on top a landmass of tri-islands joined by reclaiming the sea off the coast of Hong Kong, our brewery doubles as a research post studying science and the occult; celebrating the ancient relationship between beer and mankind, tracing the technology that preceded its understanding and discoveries, re-imagining the inebriation that caused wild dreamings, under star-lights or city-lights


《You are welcomed - the most curious and adventurous ones》

Brewery & Brand Experience

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Our Beer

"For what on this earth is this brew, cold in your hands, crisp on your tongue, clean down your throat, electric through your veins, vibrating with your heart; that cools you in summer, and warms you in winter; drives you in the sun, calms you in a storm, excites you into the night."




"I once in a waking dream, when both sun and moon had sunk, wandered through the zombie streets, into to the man wearing a pale mask, who lifted his tattered robes to a cosmos revealed, bright, of a distance shore, of continents lost."

Helles, the bright beer, a lager of German fashion, golden and clean. made from choice malt, hops and a lager yeast, our tailored taste in treated water, and unfiltered, retaining all the flavours of the ingredients that had long entranced mankind.

Alcohol By Volume: 5% 
International Bitterness Units: 25


"A darkened flash streaked ahead a fuming tail as the rock crashed burnt in the aether, tinted vapour weaved from it's core rose to the skies whence it fell and girls touched the autumn harvest to it to be blessed by the perfumed smoke from what they thought was heaven..."

Rauchbier, an old lager styled in the untouched town of Bamberg where people drink it exclusively to this day. our revised recipe brings a beech-fired and softly charred barley, balancing the smoke and caramel to unlock the rich maltiness with a hoppiness in garnish. 

Alcohol By Volume: 5.5% 
International Bitterness Units: 23

Smoked Doppelbock

"Our moon enters the umbra and glows a deep red. A silken voice calls from the starless depths. Ether grows as the union closes. Lethal and sweet as the darkest kiss."

A rich, hearty Doppelbock lager brewed with smoked malt. black with a ruby-like tint. for those who like a strong dark beer, with the alcohol to match but balanced its harshness with a sweetness from the brew. while still keeping its clean lager lightness.

Alcohol By Volume: 8.4% 
International Bitterness Units: 25

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Vienna Lager

"Dim light tells of a lone frigate, droning soundless between the gulf of space, blinking cross the outer reaches, a beating pulse on the silent screen, approaching, closing in, a breathe on our necks, as we wake, as we eat, and as we sleep."

Crisp, toasty, unforgettably caramelly. Specialty malts provide a smoothness rare to be seen in lagers. A symphony of nutty notes, floral notes, and the subtle notes of spices. A symphony played like every Ludwig and Johannes did.

Alcohol By Volume: 5% 
International Bitterness Units: 25

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"Daylight recedes, shadows ceases, in the obscured mist at the heart of the woods. Stars without age do not pierce, branches and their leaves stilled, their nectar oozes and drips, as space folds unto itself, to welcome the mother-goat, birther of youths. "

Fresh and cloudy with a rich sweetness like burnt honey, fused with a subtle hint of green in hop and soft sting on the tongue of peppery spice of earth, a cold misty dawn in the autumn forest. A high alcohol lager that goes down too easy.

Alcohol By Volume: 8% 
International Bitterness Units: 25

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“Followers labour in cold cellar light, and hearthfire glows across muted knolls, the shaded hillsides. From guarded vaults flows the tribute to kings and queens of revelers that consume and dance, in fevered steps, while hooded overseers host the uncanny rite.”

Munich Dunkel, the dark one, a kilned flavour long favored derived from a roasted malt. A dark brown hue to commemorate its roots in hearts of tough merry folks, a taste of roasted toffee on the tongue for the bitterness to last, melding with the creamy foam to make a drink of all weather.

Alcohol By Volume: 5% 
International Bitterness Units: 25


Beer Map

"...and as stars fall into place, their light through the gulf of space, sears a mark on our plane.
the taint cannot be contained, meager human cannot affect the order of things."

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